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I Wasn’t a Bitch; I Was Schizophrenic -Michelle Hammer

I Wasn't a Bitch; I Was Schizophrenic -Michelle Hammer I didn't want to speak. I didn't want to be noticed. I didn't want to be bothered. I wanted to be completely ignored. It was high school, and I was an undiagnosed paranoid Schizophrenic. I remember thinking, “What's the point?” What was the point of doing [...]

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Morgan Blair – A Story About My Eating Disorder

A Story About My Eating Disorder I am going to tell you a story, a story that isn’t to make you sad or pity me, a story that has no purpose really other than to offer insight into this confusing, contemplative mind of mine. It’s a story that takes place over many years, my whole [...]

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Mary Hannah Hardison

 Please Hear My Voice Society says you are responsible for your own happiness Easier said for some Society says Happiness is a choice I don't know where my depression comes from Please hear my voice! My depression is real Depression is not my choice I want to heal Please hear my voice! My tears [...]

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Bethany Pearson

Anxiety and coping with the fear of ‘missing your turn’ As a general rule, nobody likes to feel anxious, nervous or negative about anything they’re doing. But with adults born after 1995 more likely to suffer from anxiety, coupled with the huge pressure to know what we’re doing or where we’re heading, you will struggle [...]

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Cari Jehlik

Anxiety I don’t think I knew I had it I never gave it a second thought I don’t think I realized That anxiety is every “what if I can not?” What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t finish? What if I let out everything of me and nobody likes what I’ve done [...]

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Sarah Urscheler- But it Didn’t Seem Like Postpartum Depression

                                      But it Didn't Seem Like Postpartum Depression “It’s not uncommon to suffer from postpartum depression,” my infant’s pediatrician said to me during a routine checkup. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Her tone was soft but [...]

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