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Jesse Beringer – My Experiences with Anxiety

My Experiences with Anxiety By: Jesse Beringer Looking at other people’s submissions on this site, I couldn’t help but feel that my story wasn’t worthy enough in comparison to theirs. I read two different submissions about diagnosed bipolar disorder, as well as depersonalization disorder, and thought, “Man I had it easy compared to them. My story [...]

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Hilary Moore – Multitude of Sins

Multitude of Sins What kind of monster screams at her children like that? Red-faced, chest heaving, spitting as I snarl. Hell would be seeing myself through their eyes. I’m teaching them to be like me, even though I desperately want them to be different. How are they supposed to be different when I am their [...]

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Anxiety Bees – Madhawi Karaya & Jessie Stevens

Anxiety Bees In my head there lives a little bee with anxiety. Sometimes he nicely walks around wiping down counters but most of the time he is buzzing and fussing and fighting and making a big old mess. I’m not sure when he moved in. I didn’t exactly invite him or any of his friends [...]

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Matt Greenman

Life After Depersonalization Disorder It seems that as I’ve gotten older, I actually know less. What I do know however, is that generally I’ve been lucky to be pretty happy, from childhood to now, despite some definitive bumps in the road. Lately, I have been coming to terms with the fact that my upbringing wasn’t [...]

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Olivya Faith, PhD – The Anguish of Mental Illness

THE ANGUISH OF MENTAL ILLNESS by Olivya Faith, PhD It is important to finish what a person starts. This factoid of advice is the guiding principle of my deeds in this life. It is a sentence I spoke once to my son, when he finished his bachelor’s degree. It took quitting his university to marry [...]

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Tiffanie Chai

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s a name that has been assigned to one day every year for as long as I can remember, yet things felt different this year. The words “suicide prevention” seemed to weigh more heavily on people’s minds. But why? Maybe it’s because barely 3 days had passed since [...]

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Peter McDonnell – A trip to Ireland with my mental illnesses

In June 2016, my brother asked me if I would be godfather to his newborn daughter. Of course, I said yes, but there was one snag. I’d have to fly from my home near London to Dublin, where my sister in law is from for the christening. And stand up in front of a crowd [...]

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