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Sophia Falco – The Battle Within: Bipolar Disorder

*Originally published by Inside The Bell Jar My words are shooting stars with no filter flying rapidly like demons in the sky, the ego soars drenched with sorrow. The air is funny today. Molecules bouncing around so rapidly- so many multiplying! I can see them and the wind pushes me and I fall some more [...]

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Jenna Hatcher

Broken. You are not. Step over the glass. Walk through the fire. Wrong. You are not. Speak up louder. Know you aren't a liar. Less. You are not. Show the whole world. Leave your impression. Different. You are not. Shift their perception. Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression. Healing. You are. Nurture your path. Be a new voice. [...]

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Alexis (Maislen) Zinkerman

Living with bipolar 1 disorder is quite the challenge. My manias are bad, but the depressions that follow are always worse. I recently started working a part-time marketing job. Work works for me. It gets me out of the house and gives me a purpose—not to mention a paycheck. Before the job, I would freelance [...]

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Lamont Derrickson – The Meaning Of The Laid Back Schizophrenic

I wanna give you all a proper description of what I mean when I say that I am The Laid Back Schizophrenic. It's how I've come to accept who I am and how I handle myself in society with my diagnosis. I won't lie and say that I'm 100% happy with the cards I've been [...]

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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh – The Spectrum

When we are young and in school, the first spectrum we learn about is about colors. How there are so many different variations on blue, purple, red, green, etc. So many in fact, more colors exist in the world than we have probably even encountered. Spectrums are funny like that. Like how Ted Bundy and [...]

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Briana Rosario – Acceptance

The journey to finding my strength is a work in progress. My name, Briana, is defined as strength in Celtic. My strength is defined as finding acceptance for myself. The summer of 2014 would change my life forever. Throughout the summer, I was experiencing more sadness than usual. At first, I did not know what [...]

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