David W. Wilson

*Trigger Warning - Suicide*   I am 70 years old. My story won't end stigmatization. It was around in the earlier years of my life and it is still around. It doesn't bother me much 'cause I don't wear a flag'. "Crazy" is not 'who' I am. Schizophrenia is my diagnosis. In Canada, the disorder [...]

Chase Ferrell

Trigger Warning *Suicide*   In 2012 I put a gun to my chest and pulled the trigger. That was when I realized that I had a problem. For years I’ve suffered with severe depression, bipolar disorder, and drug/alcohol addiction. As a queer non-binary man living in the South I had always had issues with self [...]

Ben Patrick Johnson

February 3, 2019 “Transformation is achieved through suffering alone.” - Buddha “Only through utter defeat are we able to take our first steps toward liberation and strength.” - Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Alcoholics Anonymous) Since I was a kid, I’ve been treated for what used to be called dysthymia, and is now know as [...]

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The Blatant Flooding of Pain Killers to West Virginia

  Prescription Painkillers word cloud with white background   Last week the West Virginia newspaper Charleston-Gazette Mail published an article on their investigation into the 1,728 West Virginians who have died from overdoses from hydrocodone and oxycodone. The report found that in the six-year period of time when these overdoses occurred drug companies [...]

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Does American Culture Encourage the Use of Drugs and Alcohol? by Rose Lockinger

America’s history with alcohol and drugs has been a complicated one. We are one of only a handful of Western countries that has at one pointed banned liquor and when compared with other parts of the world our drug laws seem arcane. Yet we also have a culture that is all but centered on the [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Joseph McBride

Tennessee Williams said a writer should never be embarrassed. That great playwright’s nakedly honest writing is filled with painful truths about human nature, drawn from his own experiences, observations, and relentless self-scrutiny. I took his words as inspiration during the many difficult times in writing my recently published memoir The Broken Places. Once I made [...]

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