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Kira Dorothy – The Guilt of Fibromyalgia Sick Leave

I got my first babysitting job when I was 9 years old. I was paid with a chocolate bar. I got my first real job at 14 working in a small playdough factory. I was paid $7/hr and felt incredibly rich. Since then, I have never not had a job. In university, I had 3 [...]

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Caroline Kyrklund

Paralyzed. Frozen. Numb. Paralyzed. When the depression hits sohard I can't move. Literally. A fire could break out, and I'm not sure it would matter. My eyes are either stuck wide open or impossible to open. Every limb on my body is heavy and feels like sandbags. To move them it would take someone physically [...]

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Catherine Caza

100 Sleepless Nights 2am. Time is endless on sleepless nights, The mind wonders if soft steady breath will quiet heavy thoughts, Tired eyes hang heavy on memories of earlier days, Dark clouds of consciousness bring introspection of fallen days, 2:30am. Counting the minutes of time with no end in sight, Rising clouds of doubt and [...]

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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh – Suicide Made Me Selfish

In changing the mental health conversation, a lot of people are moving toward the idea of 'suicide is not selfish'. I have felt suicidal and I have tried to commit suicide. I was selfish every time. In the times I felt like I had nothing to live for, I was only thinking of myself. I [...]

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Mackenna Elizabeth Finley – 13 reasons why not

Hey. It’s me. I am not Hannah Baker. I am not the beautiful Katherine Langford. I am not Hollywood’s depiction on a suicidal teenage girl whose life is shot in warm manila lighting and has her story painted as heroic. This is not that story. There is nothing heroic, or glamorous, or beautiful about it. [...]

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