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Jack Agatston – Young and Addicted: How I Got Sober at 22

Getting sober has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life. Sometimes I have a chip on my shoulder when talking about it though. I’m only 22 years old, so I’m considered very young for someone getting sober. I’ve been the youngest person in numerous treatment centers I’ve gone through [...]

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Sadie Gardner – The Jacket

When my great aunt passed away, I had a chance to look through her things and choose something that I wanted to keep. She never signed her will and while we did donate everything we could, we wanted to keep a few things to remind us of her. While looking through her closet, an olive-green [...]

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Abigail Okon – Oh, What Horrors OCD Holds

Looks from people passing by Their looks of pity asking why As though they think I have the answer But I am simply this puppet’s dancer. Embarrassed beyond all means, I just want to be like other teens. Praying that they won’t see, What is truly wrong with me. Metal chains wrapped around my wrists [...]

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Gabrielle Szynski – DYSPHORIA

*CW: Mention of eating disorder behaviors  “One last thing: I congratulate you on your journey of recovery.” Recover: Verb, to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. Was I...normal again? I look at my computer screen, the pale glow the only source of light in my apartment. My legs are curled underneath [...]

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Emily Mulligan – Sock & Buskin

Up and down… Up and down… Up and down… Over and over again… Mania exhibits itself as a hysterically excited companion, Chortling and guffawing and chattering with gnashing teeth, Expansive eyes shifting every which way, And a gnarled smile snaking throughout my mask. A dark-eyed playmate who never sleeps, An atrophied friend who never eats. [...]

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Flora Lister – Fall into the Sea

And sometimes all I want Is to fall into the sea And sometimes others happiness is a taunt And other times I need it to distract me Always I want to drive for miles on end But never will it suffice For my same problems are around the bend And only in my dreams is [...]

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Hailey Coleman – Now, I Have Power

Moments of safety and strength are where I live now. Yet every day I miss you. I can laugh, cry and smile now. This is power. I wouldn’t trade these abilities to feel your cold steel grip again. Yet every day I miss you. I pass a scale and feel your skeletal fingers beckon me [...]

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