*Trigger Warning: Self-Harm*


I never felt like I belonged. I grew up in the hood and never had a home. Literally. For some reason it was just me and my mom. She was very abusive. I kind of know why now that I am older. She tried. She was severely abused when she grew up and by her first husband. My childhood was tumultuous. For some reason my family didn’t like me. I was different. I felt too much. I thought too much. I still to this day can’t shut my brain off. I was on medication before due to cutting. I used to have fights a lot growing up. I hated it! I just wanted to be left alone. I became very aggressive in my teen years. I was diagnosed when I was 16 with bipolar, ADHD, and PTSD. Later in my years, I have gained severe panic attacks due to my PTSD.


He grew up in San Antonio TX