Katie Parr

What is the form of your thoughts? A poem for my body, this vessel of life. Sacred embodiment, yet struggling still. How to not forget. The shadows and the light. The undulating fields of color and the walls of sound. My restless mind. Or perhaps it was something else? Was it inside or outside? How [...]

Sophia Falco

*Note: These poems are not a series but rather individual poems that stand by themselves*   Pinwheels Purple clouds spin like pinwheels I shoot my crimson arrow droplets burst my soul falls with them still my ego is drenched with sorrow. I shoot my crimson arrow I am high as that child’s kite still my [...]

Sophia Falco

Marble I hold a green and blue swirled marble in the palm of my hand. This fragile sphere is a miniature earth—I am larger than life.     Sophia Falco is the author of The Immortal Sunflower (UnCollected Press, 2019), a winner of the Raw Art Review Poetry Chapbook Contest. The Immortal Sunflower is a [...]