It’s been 6 years but the memory of my first panic attack is as fresh as it happened yesterday.

It was my first day to my job after graduation and I was travelling to work on the metro train. Suddenly, I noticed my chest was getting tightly grabbed from inside, there was no pain just extreme tenseness on my shoulders trying to figure out what’s going on. I even felt like vomiting.

As soon as the train stopped I jumped out and tried to puke and drink water but nothing was helping me out. I thought its simple anxiety and I can deal with it so I went ahead to the office. Next ,I was sitting in the conference room full of newly joined candidates. I was looking around and then again the blow of a panic attack came. It was like a heart attack. I again went running for water but it didn’t help. After two minutes I saw two more people behind me. I was sure something was wrong and I needed to go to the hospital and I literally hugged those unknown people and requested they take me to hospital. They tried to control me but I was fully blown out. It took me another hour to get normal.

And here I was standing fit and fine with a question in my mind, ‘What the hell just happened today? !!!’

I can’t explain more but that’s what happened. Today I am a fine healthy man with no issues.

If anyone would like to share their experience here, I would be all ears and listening.


Shivam Kapoor is a entrepreneur working in the field of Mental Health. His main goal is to fight the stigma related to Mental health which is so much prevalent in his country (India). Keeping this goal in mind he started MENTAL PEACE CLINIC ( in 2018 to cater mental health services online in every corner of the country. He has been working to create more awareness since.

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