I hold a green and blue
swirled marble in
the palm of my hand.

This fragile sphere
is a miniature
earth—I am larger
than life.



Sophia Falco is the author of The Immortal Sunflower (UnCollected Press, 2019), a winner of the Raw Art Review Poetry Chapbook Contest. The Immortal Sunflower is a voyage of the mind navigating through intense feelings that expose raw emotions rooted in a troubled psyche, and ultimately the transformation into the light. These poems uniquely take on an otherwise typically invisible and often devastating illness—bipolar disorder. Sophia Falco, an individual who is affected by this for nearly a decade (diagnosed at age 16), captures suffering and hope in unconventional ways including imagery that transcends earth into outer-space. In addition, her poems have appeared in The Mindful Word, The Esthetic Apostle, The Festival Review, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Poetry Matters Project, and other journals. Falco recently graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Santa Cruz along with the highest honors in the Literature Department. Her BA is in intensive literature with a creative writing concentration in poetry. Falco believes that poetry is a great way to fight the stigma surrounding this illness, and to help bridge the gap between those affected by this and those who are not.