Sparklle Rainne – The Importance of Compassion in Bulimia Recovery

Eating disorder sufferers receive a lot of blame for their condition. People see the behavior, but they don't see the illness. That's because it's a mental health condition; while you may see what's happening on the outside, you can't see the actual sickness. You can't see what's going on inside, and because of this, mental [...]

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Abigail Okon – Oh, What Horrors OCD Holds

Looks from people passing by Their looks of pity asking why As though they think I have the answer But I am simply this puppet’s dancer. Embarrassed beyond all means, I just want to be like other teens. Praying that they won’t see, What is truly wrong with me. Metal chains wrapped around my wrists [...]

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Gabrielle Szynski – DYSPHORIA

*CW: Mention of eating disorder behaviors  “One last thing: I congratulate you on your journey of recovery.” Recover: Verb, to return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. Was I...normal again? I look at my computer screen, the pale glow the only source of light in my apartment. My legs are curled underneath [...]

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Emily Mulligan – Sock & Buskin

Up and down… Up and down… Up and down… Over and over again… Mania exhibits itself as a hysterically excited companion, Chortling and guffawing and chattering with gnashing teeth, Expansive eyes shifting every which way, And a gnarled smile snaking throughout my mask. A dark-eyed playmate who never sleeps, An atrophied friend who never eats. [...]

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Flora Lister – Fall into the Sea

And sometimes all I want Is to fall into the sea And sometimes others happiness is a taunt And other times I need it to distract me Always I want to drive for miles on end But never will it suffice For my same problems are around the bend And only in my dreams is [...]

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Hailey Coleman – Now, I Have Power

Moments of safety and strength are where I live now. Yet every day I miss you. I can laugh, cry and smile now. This is power. I wouldn’t trade these abilities to feel your cold steel grip again. Yet every day I miss you. I pass a scale and feel your skeletal fingers beckon me [...]

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Kira Dorothy – Find Your Feather Stick

Whenever I've had rescue animals, they have been older animals needing new homes. Last spring was the first time our rescue animal was just a baby. She was a 7-week old kitten who was so tiny that she slept inside our shirts. We named her Lily. In her first week at home, one of us [...]

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Naftali Garber – The Forgotten in our Society

This past Shabbos I was reminded of how far I think we have to go in how we treat a large percentage of the population. A relative’s kid had come down with a case of cancer and the whole family was in disarray and going through a ton of anguish. The sympathy I felt, and [...]

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