Jessica Painter

Trigger Warning- Abuse Please Trust my Said Delusions Created by: Jessica Painter The television or the desert Where grenades were the stars You wished on night after night Overcome by fear of Iraqi shadows That danced on your sanity And made you afraid to turn off the lights - Daddy, this is not the usual [...]

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Awake. Alone. Fighting thoughts. Sleep evades me. I close my eyes and I cannot stop my thoughts. They keep racing and won't leave me alone. They won't leave me alone, but I am alone, oh the irony. It isn’t fair. I want to be peaceful. But my mind won't allow that piece. For once I am not thinking [...]

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Anne Nillen – Living with bipolar disorder and working in the healthcare system

Living with bipolar disorder and working in the healthcare system I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 14. It was uncommon for children this young to be diagnosed with this diagnosis. When I was at my absolute worse, I was unable to see myself accomplishing anything in the future. I couldn’t go [...]

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Depression Doesn’t Have to Win

The thing about Depression is this: it's a sore loser. If you were playing Connect Four with Depression, it would be angry if you got four reds in a row. Who wants to play with an opponent like that? It sounds terrible. That's how Depression is though. It wants to win against you. It's intimidating, [...]

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Being Real is the Way to Get Help

The best way to get help is to be real. It's hard to be real because it requires you to look inside yourself and ask serious questions? What is it about me that I want to change? Am I happy with who I am and what I'm doing in life? Do I feel depressed? Do [...]

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Khali Raymond

Living with Asperger's is not an easy feat. It never is. imagine yourself in a room full of people. All of those people are laughing and mingling. Meanwhile, you aren’t. You’re sitting there in the corner all alone, watching everyone make nice with each other. Nobody doesn’t even acknowledge that you’re there. You just sit [...]

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Ananya Sharma – Our Mirrors and Their Cracks

Our Mirrors and Their Cracks I was born with a mirror given to me. This wasn’t an ordinary mirror; in the sense that it never really reflected my actions as I moved in front of it. In my younger years, when I looked into this mirror, I always saw one still image. I’d always see [...]

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