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Michelle Kelly

On bad days, I don’t know where the anxiety stops and the chronic pain begins. The tightening in my chest could be warning of a panic attack or of a fibromyalgia flare that will spread across my chest, down my arms and into my hands, rendering me unable to write – both my work and [...]

Heydon Hensley -Killing Us Loudly

Killing Us Loudly for Stigma Fighters, Vol. 4 Heydon Hensley * * * Content Warnings: domestic violence, gun violence, suicide It may seem strange having an essay dedicated to domestic violence in this anthology, but even the briefest reflection reveals that domestic violence is – of course – surrounded in stigma. Unfortunately, the stigma and [...]

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I’ll Always Love You, But I Don’t Forgive You – Ryan Ritchie

I believe that, at birth, the bond between us and our parents is the strongest that it'll ever be. It's one of the only raw and unadulterated moments in our lifetime. Where uncertainty doesn't exist: there are no filters switched on that day. Words aren't needed - our eyes tell it all. A gentle smile [...]

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