Christopher J. Falvey

What It Is like Living with the Pure-O Type of OCD I have Primarily Obsessional OCD (Pure-O). My OCD isn’t fully like the OCD people understand best. Or even misunderstand best. There are many types of OCD, mostly defined by the compulsions people have. It is true that people are obsessed with actions from the [...]

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Sammie Prescott – Not A Housewife Drug

It’s time we stop making jokes about Xanax being a housewife drug. Here’s why:    I stood at a standstill in the packed CVS line. People flooded passed the ‘Prescription Pick Up’ sign, and down the aisle. I was the end cap of this madness. I was there to pick up my anxiety rescue medication. [...]

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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh

Sometimes, I still find it hard to speak up about the abusive relationships I was in. As if thinking about them, writing about them, talking about them might still give them power or take up too much space in my life. Sometimes, I feel like sharing these stories might tip people off to who they [...]

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Amanda Woerner

It’s pretty difficult to narrow down when my journey actually started, but I’d say it became most prominent during my junior year in high school. The summer before my junior year, I transferred schools and moved in with my aunt and uncle so I would have more educational opportunities. It was a gutsy move now [...]

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