If I Could

If I could I would tell him exactly how I feel, but I don't. If I could I would feel comfortable with the number 13, but I'm not. If I see it I need to make it 14. If I could I would step on a crack. But I don't because I'm afraid of what [...]

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Ryan Moulton

Many years ago I intended to tell my story for the It Gets Better campaign. In those days, I was a successful business executive despite having never finished high school, having been homeless and struggling at 16 years old. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, I managed to survive, not unscathed, but I [...]

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Say What You Mean

I have trouble saying what I mean. I am a blunt person, but saying what I mean is hard when I feel like the person on the other end is going to judge me. I'm beginning to learn that even if they DO judge me, it is not a reflection of me or my feelings. [...]

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Andrea Vermillion-Guy

“The greatest expression of rebellion is joy.” -Joss Whedon Getting out of bed this morning is a struggle. Everything feels tender and sore, both physically and emotionally, and part of me tries again to convince the other part of me that it would be so much better to stay under the covers all day. I’ve [...]

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Lies Depression Tells Us and Good Comebacks

We've heard the express "depression lies." Depression makes you cry with its awful lies sometimes. It can leave you feeling powerless, tired, and even scared. Depression tags along; it's a third wheel. I've thought about ways to fight it rather than let it sit in my body and annoy the shit out of me. Finally, [...]

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