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Kira Dorothy – Weight Stigma: Living my Life in a Bigger Body

I live in a bigger body. I’m round. Plump. Rotund. Chubby. Fat. Whatever words you like to use, I live in a body that is not of a socially acceptable size. And this has so many consequences that have nothing to do with me or with my health. People like to tell me it doesn’t [...]

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Kira Dorothy – How my Eating Disorder Remained Hidden for Decades.

*Trigger warning: eating disorders. I recently watched the Netflix movie “To the Bone”. So many people had told me how great it was. They were people who don’t know that I am recovering from an Eating Disorder. I tried to approach the movie with an open mind. It turned out to be yet another narrative [...]

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Kira Dorothy – Voiceless with Fibromyalgia

Have you ever asked yourself what your inner child wants you to do? Do you ever have moments where you really want to do something and know you shouldn't and you do it anyway? Or moments when you do NOT want to do something and do it anyway? Or you just can't decide which to [...]

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Kyle Gadaire – Upheaval

Having been seduced and subsequently beaten into a pulp by this variety of mental illnesses, I have been placed in this burning seat again. Poked and prodded, like a newly discovered extraterrestrial, this process is beginning to bore me to a slow death. God, just make this repetitive bullshit stop. A constant droning inside my [...]

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Kira Dorothy – The Guilt of Fibromyalgia Sick Leave

I got my first babysitting job when I was 9 years old. I was paid with a chocolate bar. I got my first real job at 14 working in a small playdough factory. I was paid $7/hr and felt incredibly rich. Since then, I have never not had a job. In university, I had 3 [...]

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