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David. A. Katz

The Nature of the Beast BY: David. A. Katz July 7th 2018 We talking human nature here Remember the movie, ‘Dances with wolves? What I remember most, were two young male members of the tribe the soldier befriended. One is gay and accepted with disregard to his effeminate nature. The other is a non-neuro-typical warrior [...]

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An unrecognizable version of me

Let me tell you about a time, a time of crime, well it’s a crime in my head, a memory that still fills me with dread. Hitting rock bottom on a personal level, I staggered into my flatmates room with a knife, out of my mind, a sign of hope I couldn’t find, deep down [...]

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Laurel Roth Patton

HypersexualityMaySometimesBeAtrocious By the time you wonder if you’re manic, you already are. I check off symptoms on the Goldberg Mania Questionnaire, hoping I don’t meet the highest score, florid mania. Ivan Goldberg was pretty clever. Loss of interest in eating and sleeping? Definitely. Hypersexuality? Nope. But before the plane takes off on my way home [...]

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Elspeth Roake

Mental Illness and its Pain Pain is universal, varied, and subjective. An evolutionary deterrent and motivator, in some ways essential, in some ways utterly pointless. It can provide common ground, or be the most isolating of experiences. Everyone falls somewhere within its range. My pain came from depression. Not everyone experiences depression in this way; [...]

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