Borderline Personality Disorder

/Borderline Personality Disorder

Hanna Holmes

**Trigger warning: suicide attempt** I was 18 and sitting in the bathtub; now cold. I had just received a text from my then partner reading “I am walking on eggshells with you. You are so passionate I'm not sure what it is or what to call it, but I don’t think I can give you [...]


I have struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember. Even as a little kid in kindergarten panic would take over and I'd run out of the cafeteria in a panic, scared of the noise and the people. It only got worse with age and constant bullying. By the age of [...]

Mary Burgess

The Trees Have Leaves ​ The first time a person with vision problems puts on a pair of glasses, a common remark is “The trees have leaves!”  The light shining between separate and distinct leaves, even the translucent green with thin veins. The viewer is capable of seeing a delicate image of beauty, where before [...]

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Meghan Shultz

I moved overseas when I was manic. I have Bipolar Disorder. At the end of January 2016 I finished a course of 15 ECT treatments for a severe episode of depression. A couple of weeks after I finished the ECT I started to become very angry and irritable. The mania was setting in. You see, [...]

Word Vomit

I have always been the girl with a pen and a pad of paper on hand. I'm a writer. I used to write fiction, but as I grew older I realized that I could write about my emotions too. My diary became my closest companion. For a while I tried to write eloquently, but eventually [...]

Stigma Fighters: Lisa

Hello, I am a beautiful soul that has Borderline Personality Disorder. I have lived with it for 52 years, 41 of those completely undiagnosed. I was molested by my dad from the ages of 3 to 13, of which I started remembering in 2005 which was long after the event, long after the drug addiction [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Rebecca Clarvis

I'm writing this article in light of the news that I read by the woman found hanged at Hull Mental Health Unit . I wasn't a close friend as such , but we was both patients at the unit at the same time, consequently forming some sort of bond during our stays. I too am [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Risa Sugarman

I Did Not Choose to Have Borderline Personality Disorder Up and down. Energized and then extremely sad. It’s feeling happy and content and feeling irritable and agitated one moment later. Sometimes there is a trigger, sometimes it simply happens. It is very clear to me why Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is difficult to diagnose. The [...]

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Stigma Fighters: April C. Foreman, Ph.D.

“But whatever you do, between now and our next session, DON’T google Borderline Personality Disorder. Why? Because you aren’t going to like what you read. A lot of it will be misinformation, and it will make you out to be a monster. You have a treatable mental health diagnosis, with a very good chance for [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Mar Andras

"You’re a joke. You know that, right? No one likes you and if no one likes you they for sure won’t like your writing. Your story is shit. Your writing is shit. Give up now before you embarrass yourself." That’s my anxiety talking, or maybe my depression. It’s difficult to tell sometimes. Either way, they’re [...]