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Adrian Fletcher (She/Her)

Hi, my name is Adrian Fletcher. I am a psychologist, trauma therapist, consultant, speaker, and writer. I live with both Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) formally known as Multiple Personality Disorder. In 2017 after an attempt at my own life I spent time in a psychiatric hospital and residential treatment facility. [...]

Waylon Griswold

*Trigger Warning - Suicide* Hello everyone my name is Waylon Griswold I'm currently 24 years old. I currently struggle with depression and chronic post traumatic stress disorder. Before i start with my story i wanna say I'm lucky to be here sharing it with you and this is my first time sharing it. I woke [...]

Aubrey Henry

Everyone experiences failure at some point in life, and everyone handles it differently. In the past, I have not dealt with my failure in a productive way. I have responded with anger, frustration, and giving up. When I find things hard I lose motivation and think I am not good enough or that I'm incapable [...]

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Yonder Grey

The Franciscan By Yonder Grey When you are confirmed Catholic, the roles for you change in life. Even if you throw a fit about the Catholic church, faith in the church becomes a game of bones or hoping the pregnancy test comes back negative. At 15, confirmation classes bombarded me with all the liturgy, all [...]

Charles Mark (aka Chuck Marks)

Hello, My story is not unique, unfortunately. So many young boys are brutalized by family members and go on to live in chasms of despair, confusion and self-hate unnecessarily. Silence is a killer. Victims must feel free to speak up without fear of reprisal or subjugation. My abuse was at the hands of my father [...]