Sarah Smith – Night Terrors -**Trigger Warning** Sexual Abuse

**Trigger Warning** Sexual Abuse is the topic of this article. I am afraid to go to sleep. I actually don’t sleep very often, I more like pass out. I force myself to stay awake so long that eventually I will fall asleep on any floor in any room I am in, the kitchen included. I [...]

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Anger Can Be a Sign of Another Mental Illness

We've heard people talk about others having "anger issues," but that could mean a lot of things. There are specific mental illnesses that have anger as the primary symptom. For example, Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is an illness that is characterized primarily by the person being extremely angry. Someone with IED has severe impulse control. This illness [...]

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Sarah Smith- How My Kid Grounds Me

My kid knows how to ground me. If you don’t know exactly what grounding is you are probably one of the lucky that don’t suffer from anxiety. I do suffer from anxiety quite badly. I frequently get panic attacks, sometimes out of nowhere it seems. But my seven-year-old, he knows how to ground me. He [...]

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What The Hell Are These Feelings? By Aaron Smith

What the hell are all these feelings? By Aaron Smith What are these things in our chest, derived from somewhere deep in our psyche? We call them happiness, anger, sadness, joy. We feel these things as the days go by, but what are they exactly? Are they just arbitrary spasms of brain chemistry? Are they [...]

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Nobody knows that I’m depressed

I don't want anyone to know that I want to die. It's embarrassing all the thoughts that run through my head. I'm afraid of half of them and I don't want to say them out loud because that makes them real. So I pretend that everything is fine. I keep my head down, do my work, [...]

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Leaving This House

He had a hold on me from the beginning. When I looked into his eyes I realized that I wanted to be with him. Little did I know who he was inside, broken, abused fragmented. He was someone who needed to be taken care of. But he didn’t ask me to take care of him [...]

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Carolyn Rossiter

I would say, the most profound relationship I have had in my life is with the one that made me so familiar with my fingertips and the acid in the throat. The relationship that makes me feel guilty for putting any type of food in my body. The one that draws me in everytime something [...]

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