A Glimpse into My Manic Episode

Well, it’s back; the dreaded beast known as mania. I’m in the midst of a relapse and I’m so upset about it. I know exactly how it happened this time. I got sick with the flu and bronchitis about a week and a half ago. And because I was so overextended work-wise, my body took [...]

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Shauna Dinsart

Lips are moving. Mouths: opening and closing. Food being broken into digestible pieces. Smack. Smack. Smack. The noise gets louder. It can’t just be in my head. Someone is turning up the volume—someone is out to get me. My steady heartbeat begins pounding; harder and faster as the noise becomes louder and louder. Sweat drips [...]

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James D. Creviston

Living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Every October since as long as I can remember I have been sad, angry, confused, upset, and illogical. What about October made me upset? Was October just a weird month thanks to Halloween? Many people have feelings of depression, mood swings, and less energy during fall and winter. Some [...]

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I can recall the very moment everything changed. I remember it clearly as if a wire in my brain became unplugged. I was at a friend’s house and I sat down on the edge of the fireplace to settle in for another movie. Except this time was different. Though my body physically stopped moving when [...]

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Taylor Nicole

I remember driving over the Gold Star bridge as a child (the summer before the fifth grade), on the way to an art fair with my mom, and seeing him. He appeared to be standing on the opposite side of the fence of the bridge, and if I remember correctly he was wearing shorts. My [...]

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To Burn or Mend That Bridge

I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with two loving parents who did their best to ensure my sisters and I had everything we needed. We had opportunities that many kids didn’t, and we always knew love and safety. Our home was not a broken one, and I never–not in a million [...]

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My Mom, Me, & PTSD By Courtney Blake

Mental illness has always been familiar to me. My mom has lived with depression and anxiety for the majority of her life. There were days she wouldn’t get out of bed, but would remain curled up with her tattered red robe, with a pillow over her head. My sister and I learned to play quietly [...]

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Lindsay Loch

Cicadas and Honeybees They’re buzzing again.  The hum is warm like thick ribbons of honey unfurling to the bottom of my tea cup.  As they flutter their wings faster, swarming around in my head I begin to feel their vibration throughout my entire body.  My bones quiver under their drone.  My toes prickle as if [...]

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The Divide

It's breaking my heart...this divide. It's tearing me apart. The drama, the perceived slights, the resentment, and bickering...this isn't what I imagined we would become. Growing up, it was always us. Sisters. Blood is thicker than water. Our parents raised us to look out for one another, to support one another in each new endeavor. [...]

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Lindsay Bissett – Anxiety Blog

The rock. The warm hug. The one you call. The one who would listen. The one who didn’t judge. That was me. I wasn’t a person with mental illness. I was a person who had friends with mental illness. Amazing, one of a kind, incredible, motivating, strong friends that I loved and admired very much. [...]

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