Cody McNicol – Depression Coma: Or, How I Attempt to Stop Time

Bed: The quicksand trap The legend The pause in my existence for months Urine in bottles Yellow stained teeth Bed hair for weeks Time to get up When the child breaks the silence Start somewhere; start; with this. This, is anything and everything I want it to be This, is honesty; despite all of the [...]

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Kira Dorothy

*Content Warning: explicit Eating Disorder symptoms, the use of numbers and weight-related discussion. Eating Disorders are not a diet. They are not a phase. They are not vanity. An Eating Disorder is a psychiatric illness. It has the highest mortality rate of any other mental illness. Did you know that the only thing you can [...]

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Kira Dorothy

The Filing Cabinet in my Head Like so many people I know, I  suffer from multiple illnesses and each one is considered “invisible” as in, I struggle all day everyday but all of my symptoms are inside. The main diagnoses are Depression, Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, Endocrine Disorder, and an Eating Disorder. Like so many people I [...]

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Sarah-Katherine Nova – “Sad”

Sad. Comforting hug. A hand sweeps the mind with gentle flow, Soft and gentle touch becomes a daydream, Safe in the deepest corners of happiness, A mind escapes, but touch brings sadness, A touch becomes terrifying with warm hands, No words. No fun little girl games, Touch. Comforting hug. Not. Sad. Uncomfortable. Mind games plague [...]

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Monica Mahal – “The Disease Hiding in the Shadows”

Many people in my life are familiar with the fact that I live with celiac disease. It’s an auto-immune disease that affects around three million Americans, in which consuming gluten damages the lining of the small intestines. Celiac can often go years undiagnosed because of its wide range of symptoms, ranging from headaches to digestive [...]

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Kassidy Skarison – The Misconception

Breaking the stigma associated with mental illness includes confronting the misconception surrounding treatment. When I first started taking medication for my depression I was ecstatic. I was finally going to be happy all the time. My doctor told me that it would take at least four weeks for me to notice a difference. I couldn’t [...]

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Kassidy Skarison – Suicide

I developed a sense of normalcy regarding suicide. A common episode in my home was the one where my parents would fight violently for hours on end. The fights almost always included my mother’s blood and my father’s drunken threats to kill himself. After repeated exposure to the remark, it started to slowly lose its [...]

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Kira Dorothy – My Body is not a War Zone: Challenging the Eating Disorder Warrior Narrative.

*Content Warning: brief mention of disordered eating and specific foods. Over the last 4 years, I have talked about personifying Eating Disorders as a way to separate the person from the illness. I have talked about Ed as this mean, manipulative, lying jerk. I have used phrases like “kick Ed’s ass”, “break up with Ed”, [...]

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