Meghan Shultz

I moved overseas when I was manic. I have Bipolar Disorder. At the end of January 2016 I finished a course of 15 ECT treatments for a severe episode of depression. A couple of weeks after I finished the ECT I started to become very angry and irritable. The mania was setting in. You see, [...]

Be The Best Version of Yourself

I've thought about living with mental health issues from a variety of perspectives. I try to view it like this: living with bipolar disorder is something that I do. I manage the symptoms of my mental illness and I live my best life. Every person has problems or challenges they deal with. Life is funny, [...]

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What Would You Say if Nobody Knew it Was You Talking?

I want you to think about something: what would you reveal if you had the opportunity to say anything? We all have secrets that we haven't shared for a variety of reasons. I am an incredibly open person. I've worked my entire life to be this way. Still I have a rich internal world that I'm [...]

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Stephanie Paige#ThisIsWhatAnxietyFeelsLike

What was I working on? I look to my left and then to my right. I stare at the monitor in front of me, barely recognizing what is on the screen. I think I know this project… what was I doing on it? My brain is foggy, drawing a blank. I struggle to remember what [...]

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Chad Hubbard

The War Rages On My brain has officially shifted gears into overdrive. I last slept sometime early Saturday morning. I have tried to hold it together. I must admit that yesterday was incredibly difficult. The speed at which my brain is processing has left me irritated and exhausted. I can always recognize the impending shift [...]

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Online Counseling Helps People With Social Anxiety

When I'm at a party, I usually find one person to talk to or I find a dog, a cat or even an iguana to talk to. The reason for my behavior is that I have severe social anxiety. I appear to be extroverted, but in actuality, I am an introvert. I would rather be [...]

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