Hello, I’m Sarah Comerford. On behalf of the Stigma Fighters Board of Directors and our founders, happy holidays and blessings for the new year. 

2020 was a rough year, start to finish, especially for oppressed persons and marginalized communities. At Stigma Fighters, we continued to provide a platform for real stories from real people living with mental illness with respect to each of their insectional identities, and we have been in awe of our community’s resilience in the face of a pandemic, economic disaster, civil unrest, the on-going fight for equity and justice for our BIPOC siblings, and for all disenfranchised persons.

It is painfully, abundantly clear our society needs to change but the scope of the work that needs to be done often feels overwhelming. It is worthwhile to remember, though, that we’re not in this fight alone. It’s bigger than one community or one movement. It’s the fight for our lives and the societal changes we want to see in our lifetimes, and thus everyone is needed. I urge you to reach out and hold space for our fellow humans in the spirit of compassion. However and wherever you are able to show up for your values, whether it be in your own self care, your immediate circle, or the communities to which you belong, we need you. 

In particular, we need your voices. With that in mind, SF has decided to donate a portion of our fundraising earnings this year to Rooted in Rights, a project of Disability Rights Washington. Rooted in Rights’ Seattle-based team of disabled video producers, editors, and digital organizers partner with both local coalitions and national advocacy campaigns to fight for concrete changes within our community. Stigma Fighters has always been and will continue to be a platform for and by the mental health and disability community. We hope that our donation further assists Rooted In Rights’ mission to redefine narratives around disability, mental health, and chronic illness. 

However you are inspired to show up in the year 2021, we hope that you remember that you are appreciated and needed. Thank you.