To our Stigma Fighters community, 

You may or may not have read that Sarah Fader, Co-Founder of Stigma Fighters, has resigned. I want to say thank you to Sarah for having an amazing vision that took us this far, all of her hard work, and doing the right thing. 

My name is Allie Burke. I co-founded the non-profit organization with Sarah Fader. As she has resigned, I have been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the organization and I want to say I feel honored to represent such an amazing community such as yourselves. I am also immensely grateful to continue working with Sarah Comerford, the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Stigma Fighters. We have also recently brought on Jason Thames as the Secretary who I have worked with on a professional and personal level. 

As part of our new organizational structure, we are looking to expand our Board of Directors even further. We are interested in bringing on two individuals: one with social media experience and one with experience in publishing. The ideal candidate would be a person with a great work ethic who always treats others with empathy and kindness. 

As our first order of business, we would like to open a call for submissions. Sarah Fader wrote in her letter that an issue of inclusivity was brought to her attention and that Stigma Fighters is an inclusive organization. As such, we would like to invite the LGBTQ+ members of the mental health community to write their story for Stigma Fighters. We want to consistently improve our allyship and we hope with these stories we can continue to do so. 

Thank you for being a crucial member of our community. We look forward to many stories to end the stigmatization of mental illness. 

Warm regards, 

Allie Burke
CEO & Co-Founder
Stigma Fighters