it fills me the way emptiness can;
with vacancy and abandonment—
alone and in the dark.

The heaviness is back.
Weight presses on my chest
and I gasp for air,
But there’s no oxygen left for me.

I’m sinking in this mind of mine.
Blurred thoughts leave me sinking,
pulling me down, down
like an anchor in the sea.

This puzzle in my head
is missing a piece, maybe two,
and I wonder if I’ll ever be able
to fill the emptiness they’ve left.

I am a college student studying Psychology at the University of Delaware. I have personally struggled with my mental health previously and continue to do so, and writing has been a helpful outlet for me. I express myself through my writing, which is shared on my blog and Instagram account. I hope that sharing my feelings and experiences will provide a sense of comfort and support for those who struggle with similar conflicts in their lives. Website: https://writtenbytb.wixsite.com/myviewoftheworld