If he doesn’t want help how can I help him? I see him sitting there in class with scars on his arms and I’m afraid for him. He hasn’t told anybody but I know what he’s doing when he goes to the bathroom. I see the case that he carries and I know it’s inside. I asked him what’s going on at home and he won’t tell me. I asked him to talk to the guidance counselor but he won’t do it. I don’t know how I can help someone who doesn’t want to help himself. But I can see him in pain and I’m afraid of where it’s going I am afraid that he is not going to survive. I want to tell him it’s OK to feel weak and it’s OK to ask for help and how asking for help can make you feel stronger. I just don’t know if he’ll believe me. I just don’t know if he’ll hear my words. All I want is for him to get better and I care about him.

Hey, I’m worried about you.
I’m fine.
OK but I know that you’re hurting yourself and I am afraid for you and I want to help how can I support you?
I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to stop hurting.
Let me help you find someone to talk to.
I’m afraid to tell that person what’s really going on because they’ll think I’m crazy.
If you tell them what’s going on they will help you figure out what’s happening and find a way to help.
I don’t trust anybody.
That’s fair enough but in order to get the help that you need, there has to be some level of trust.
Will you go with me?
I will go with you and I will sit in the waiting room. I will do whatever you need so that you feel supported.
Yes really.
Thank you.


If you know somebody who needs help, it’s OK to ask them what you can do to help them. Especially if the person is harming themselves. If you are the person who needs help and you are thinking of harming yourself please call the national lifeline 1-800-273-8225. There are many resources for therapists in your area including those listed on Psychology Today and online therapists on BetterHelp. Don’t sit back and watch your friends suffer. You can help them get the help they need. Would you let your friend walk around on a broken leg by herself? No. The same goes for mental health issues. As friends and loved ones, we have more power than we think. Help someone today.