Be with me

You said you would be with me no matter what happened. You told me that even though I was "crazy" you would stay. You said it was fine. "It'll be fine." Well, it doesn't feel fine. It feels like everything is falling apart at the seams. I'm watching our relationship crumble in front of me. [...]

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I worry

I worry about the past. I worry about the future. I worry about right now. Will this fucking worrying ever stop? I worry so much that I send myself into a wave of panic. I let that panic wash over me and I cannot stop this. I wish I could stop worrying. But how? How does [...]

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Vincent Fitzgerald – When Stigma Comes from Within Our Homes

When Stigma Comes from Within Our Homes By Vincent J. Fitzgerald MSW LCSW I have often written about my young adulthood grapple with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and later, its accomplice, Panic Disorder. Within my divulgence, I also revealed I am a psychotherapist and social worker because I want readers to know mental illness knows no [...]

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Listen. Can you hear me talking? I wonder what you perceive. I'm not in your head. I'm in my head and it's full of ideas and anxiety. You want me to be okay. That will take time. I have all the time in the world because my mind isn't going anywhere dude. I can help [...]

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What do you like about therapy?

Oh boy, what do I like about therapy? Well, I used to think of therapy as a place to dump all my problems, but over time I've learned that it isn't just that. It's a place for me to actively change the way I behave and improve my life. Yeah, I know that sounds cheesy [...]

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When You’re Down

When you're down I will be there. Yeah, I mean me - depression. Sorry, I didn't introduce myself. But I mean, you know me well enough already right. I'm not trying to be rude, but there are so many different kinds of "me." Which form of depression do you have in your brain? Oh sorry, which [...]

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Wait around for an answer to appear

Sometimes there's no answer in sight. I can see the road ahead and there are three forks, but which way do I go? I've never been particularly good with decisions and this is no different. I want to figure out the "answer" and I keep going over the song lyrics and hoping they will provide [...]

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If I Could

If I could I would tell him exactly how I feel, but I don't. If I could I would feel comfortable with the number 13, but I'm not. If I see it I need to make it 14. If I could I would step on a crack. But I don't because I'm afraid of what [...]

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Say What You Mean

I have trouble saying what I mean. I am a blunt person, but saying what I mean is hard when I feel like the person on the other end is going to judge me. I'm beginning to learn that even if they DO judge me, it is not a reflection of me or my feelings. [...]

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