Lea Grover – On Rape Culture

Trigger warning- sexual assault  I was raped when I was fourteen years old. Before the assault I was a socially engaged kid, marching in “Take Back the Night” rallies, listening to And Difranco and Tori Amos, solemnly absorbing the rape stories they sang and understanding their experiences weren’t universal, but at the same time, they [...]

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Regina Singleton

I am twenty-three and I have lived with depression for half of my life. Before I was even aware of what the words depression and anxiety meant I knew there was something wrong with me. It wasn't just sadness but a persistent feeling that nothing would ever bring me happiness. My depression was the result [...]

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Heydon Hensley -Killing Us Loudly

Killing Us Loudly for Stigma Fighters, Vol. 4 Heydon Hensley * * * Content Warnings: domestic violence, gun violence, suicide It may seem strange having an essay dedicated to domestic violence in this anthology, but even the briefest reflection reveals that domestic violence is – of course – surrounded in stigma. Unfortunately, the stigma and [...]

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Sakinah Kaiser- Mowing The Lawn, My First Manic Episode

My First Manic Episode I was teaching 3rd grade Quran and Islamic Studies when I noticed something was wrong. My kids were young at the time, so initially, I thought I was just stressed about being a new mom. My youngest daughter was in preschool. Every morning it was a struggle getting her to class [...]

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I Can Still Feel It Underneath

I miss being manic. I’ve read and heard those words from quite a few people. For my part, I am being treated for bipolar spectrum manifesting as depression and anxiety. The mania is an added bonus. It certainly feels that way when stacked against the other two. I have been suicidal more times than I [...]

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Self Esteem is Bullshit – Aaron J. Smith @CulturalSavage

We grew up with self-esteem We grew up with this notion that to be happy, we needed to have good self-esteem. We were taught to be self-confident, assured, secure in ourselves. We were told to fake it till you make it, to project a sense of self-esteem even when we didn’t like ourselves. This thinking [...]

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Vincent Leao- The Shame of Hyper-Sexuality

Shame is a stronger, more-lasting emotion than love or grief. It’s can stain one’s soul in shades that never lighten or fade with time. Sex is so often the earliest lesson plan in shame. There are expectations and attitudes which are acceptable within contexts we learn through trial and error, standards to cleave to demonstrate [...]

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Dreaming of My Therapist But Not Stalking Her – Statia Manger

So, after I nearly took my own life back in 2011, it was only that point in my mental history that I really focused on being real with myself. I went through a lengthy outpatient program. I found a (nother) therapist. She was one of many. There have been so many therapists that have floated through [...]

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