Prozac and Nail Biting

Prozac stopped my nail biting I used to be a nail biter. I can remember biting my nails from the time that I was a small child (probably only six or seven) I would do it when I was nervous because I needed something to focus on rather than anxiety . But at the time [...]

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Daniel Meeker

I can remember sitting in my therapist’s office and feeling a distinct sense of loss. I had just been given a temporary and non-medical diagnosis of Cyclothymia. For months leading up to this moment I had been dealing with increasingly harder downswings followed by upswings of mania. Most of these episodes would happen over the [...]

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I don’t remember her at all. I was four when she died. I recall standing in the kitchen hugging a woman’s leg. I suppose you could say I remember her but that wasn’t her. That was her leg. I remember going to my uncle’s house one day and there was explaining why. They told me [...]

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Is Addiction Selfish?

If you aren't an addict, addiction can appear selfish. The person who is addicted to a substance or thing seems all-consumed with that thing. They can't consider anything else but that thing. People become addicted to things for various reasons. They need to medicate their pain or they want a way to feel good. Addiction (on [...]

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I loved her, but I hid from her

Trigger warning: suicide. She doesn’t understand why I want to be by myself. She thinks I don’t love her but it’s not that. I love her so much. I wish she knew how much I loved her but it’s just not enough for her somehow. She says that I hate people. I don’t know; I just [...]

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