Before we spend our lives together

Before you marry me you should know that I'm crazy. I'm not saying that because I want to scare you, I'm saying that because it's true. Also, don't be upset that I'm calling myself crazy. I have a right to do that. It's my brain, my body, and my life. You would be more upset [...]

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You and I forever

I wanted you to save me. That's why I stayed with you. But I was wrong. You can save me or fix me. I have mood swings. Sometimes I run around the house cleaning everything, singing at the top of my lungs, and I'm euphoric, haven't slept for days. I want to please you, be [...]

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Awake. Alone. Fighting thoughts. Sleep evades me. I close my eyes and I cannot stop my thoughts. They keep racing and won't leave me alone. They won't leave me alone, but I am alone, oh the irony. It isn’t fair. I want to be peaceful. But my mind won't allow that piece. For once I am not thinking [...]

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Depression Doesn’t Have to Win

The thing about Depression is this: it's a sore loser. If you were playing Connect Four with Depression, it would be angry if you got four reds in a row. Who wants to play with an opponent like that? It sounds terrible. That's how Depression is though. It wants to win against you. It's intimidating, [...]

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Being Real is the Way to Get Help

The best way to get help is to be real. It's hard to be real because it requires you to look inside yourself and ask serious questions? What is it about me that I want to change? Am I happy with who I am and what I'm doing in life? Do I feel depressed? Do [...]

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We’re all a little broken

We're all a little broken. Me you everyone. It's a matter of how much we talk about it. What do you want to do with that brokenness? Do you want to acknowledge it? Is it hidden? Broken isn't bad. Broken is real. It's human. It's a part of you. Broken doesn't necessarily need to be fixed. [...]

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