Sometimes there’s no answer in sight. I can see the road ahead and there are three forks, but which way do I go? I’ve never been particularly good with decisions and this is no different. I want to figure out the “answer” and I keep going over the song lyrics and hoping they will provide clarity, but all they do is make me more confused. The answer is to me and I can’t see it at the moment. I stand in front of those three pathways wondering what to do, where to go, who I’ll find on that road. Yeah, I said that road because I need to choose one. I only have two legs and one heart. When I think of my broken mind, I feel sadder than I already am. That makes me feel paralyzed and scared to move from my spot. Unfortunately, there is a truck coming (or fortunately) and I need to make a decision as to what path to go on. There’s no wrong way to go, but I do need to decide because the truck is speeding up.

So I look at the three choices and I see in the distance that there are advantages to all three. One road leads to the mountains, another shows me a meadow in the distance, and the third shows me a cottage that looks like there could be a nice place to lay down inside. They all have the potential to be nice. I run impulsively toward the mountains. I’ll tell you why: I am used to challenging myself and struggling and even though my feet are tired and so is my heart, I know that at the top of that mountain peak there will be that answer that I’m searching for. I am so strong, stronger than I imagine I am, and I will figure out who am I at the top of that mountain. It’s just about sticking with it and believing that I can. There’s only one me, three roads and I made my choice.

People might not understand why I chose what I chose, but none of that matters. I matter, the challenge matters, and maybe I will understand later. I avoided the truck, I kept moving, and I decided that despite the gigantic forceful nature of that mountain I was ready to climb. I was right, by the way. I ran so fast that my hair whipped in the wind. I got to the bottom of that mountain and I looked up. I smiled at how beautiful it was and I knew that could conquer it. I was afraid when I had to make that choice back at the forks in the road, but I decided to go for it and I did. My fear did not paralyze me when it could have. I may find the answer at the top of that massive structure or I may not. It doesn’t actually matter. What matters is that I made it through my fear.