She was weak.

He didn’t try hard enough.

She was lazy.

He didn’t appreciate his life.

She’s not sick. She doesn’t look sick.

He gave up.

She gave up.

He wasn’t thinking about his family.

She was only thinking of herself.

He had a choice, he chose to be depressed.


Fake it.

Act happy and then you’ll be happy.

He didn’t make it.

She lost.

He’s a loser.

She’s not worth your time.

Give up.

Don’t judge him.

Stop judging her.

You don’t know her.

You don’t know him.

Try to understand.

They didn’t look sick, but they were/are.

It’s not their fault.

Love her.

Love him.

Take his hand.

Embrace her.



Be there.

Just be there.