We’ve heard the express “depression lies.” Depression makes you cry with its awful lies sometimes. It can leave you feeling powerless, tired, and even scared. Depression tags along; it’s a third wheel. I’ve thought about ways to fight it rather than let it sit in my body and annoy the shit out of me. Finally, I came up with a fun exercise that you can try at home or wherever you are when depression starts lying to you. You don’t have to be on your couch or hiding in the closet. Depression is a relentless savage.

So here’s what I came up with. What if I told you that you can call depression out on those lies like a bad ass? I’m here to report that you can do that and it’s awesome. The coolest thing about this is that depression probably won’t know that it’s coming. Go you!

Without further ado, here’s some fucked up things that depression tells us:

Depression: You’re a terrible person.

Comeback: I know you are but what am I?


Depression: Don’t bother taking a shower.

Comeback: YOU stink not me!


Depression: You’re going to die alone.

Comeback: I’m going to put you out of YOUR misery.


Depression: Nobody likes you.

Comeback: In reality nobody likes YOU.


Depression: People are tired of hearing about your problems

Comeback: At the risk of sounding paranoid, are you friends with my friends?


Depression: You should just give up.

Comeback: You’re not the boss of me! Kiss my paranoid ass.


Depression: Don’t get out of bed.

Comeback: When I get out of this bed I’m going to use my foot to step on you.


Depression: You’re never going to be happy again.

Comeback: Shut the fuck up.


Depression: There’s something wrong with you.

Comeback: Everyone has flaws; even YOU.


Depression won’t stop lying. One might speculate that depression is a compulsive liar; it can’t help itself. The lies that it is telling you are below the belt, but you don’t have to listen  (or believe) when depression lies to you. You know yourself better than depression does and nobody (not even a mysterious entity like depression) can tell you who you are. As I’ve said in the past, depression is a bully, a dick, and I’m not impressed with it. I’m sure you’ve been told other lies by depression. I’m curious to see your comebacks to the lies that depression tells you.

-Sarah Fader, CEO Stigma Fighters