“Spring of a Silent Legend”

In the black caverns of travel
Above the city beats
In the cloister of clank and babble
Blind to skyscraper and streets
Inhaling before the egress
Poprocks peppering oxygen
New York’s spiritual release

After decades of distance and stasis
In the relativity of mind and time
The metropolis is where Grace is
A utopia of desperate dreams and slime
From CT rain to Midtown shine
An old soul emerges, see a youth in his prime
Feeling the freedom of chaos and grease
Anticipation brings ecstasy brings peace

World powerhouses wield what they deny
Truth and consequences
Waltzing down Trillion-Agenda Avenue
Witnessing gentrification, emasculation, and encapsulation
Self-erected-gods are mocked by gum, flies, and stone.

The Spring Legend witnesses Masks,
Cheap knock-off personas,
Canal Street style posers…and…
The real deals who walk astride them in varying form
Witnessing gentrification, emasculation, and encapsulation
Champions and Legends
Tyrants and Patriots and Saints
Children and the Lost
Slink back into the secrecy of the grassy crowd
As well as the history of all annals

An artist here, an anarchist there
Here’s a billionaire
Here’s a bum
Here’s a tea can filled with rum

Here’s a banksy
Here’s a play
Here’s a con man
Here’s today

Where graffiti art arrives, advertisements are soon to follow, as stitches to a wound.

What does it mean to fester?

Among the shining stars of possibility, and the infinite strings of the web of life:

Joe Caputo is a wandering poet and rooted family man. He spends his days meditating on the burning and the shining of the world. Actor, singer, writer, volunteer, political dissident, and humanitarian, he is known for his loud voice of protest against government incompetence and corruption, calm acceptance of people, and his volunteering among the community. He is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Joe can be found on Twitter.