I’ve been through some shit, but I am not my trauma.

Things have happened to me.

Things I’ve spoken about in therapy, but they are not who I am.

Sometimes “bad” things happen to “good” people.

I can’t explain why these things have happened to me.

I have no explanation for the words that have cut me deeply.

Those words didn’t come from my lips.

But words have the power to hurt you.

Words have the power to hurt me.

Words are more powerful than many things in this world.

Sometimes they are used for good and other times they cause seemingly permanent damage.

In the case of me and the words in question, they are a part of the damage.

Still, I am not the damage.

I am me.

You can punch me with insults

and tell me I’m crazy but I no longer believe the words you once used against me.

I am stronger than the scars you left.

I am mightier than the war you started and never finished.

The moment I shut that door was the moment I decided to put my shield up and your words, letters, and syllables cannot penetrate that wall.


Trauma can be hard to deal with. You can speak with an online therapist about your experiences at BetterHelp