100 Sleepless Nights


Time is endless on sleepless nights,
The mind wonders if soft steady breath will quiet heavy thoughts,
Tired eyes hang heavy on memories of earlier days,
Dark clouds of consciousness bring introspection of fallen days,


Counting the minutes of time with no end in sight,
Rising clouds of doubt and fear plague the innocent psyche,
Sleepless nights and midnight dreams cause countless reflections of horrors untold,
Bringing forth the subtle intentions of a troubled spirit,


A rising chest saturated with cries of mental anguish,
Darkness ravishes unsettled pools of once tranquil thoughts,
Changes in frightful recollection cause a tortured mind to spiral,
Dreams fracture an already unstable perception of peaceful imagination,


Dawn breaks an unsettled night,
Through misty eyes trouble stirs the reality of the day ahead,
Oh, sleepless night the anguish that brought a troubled past forth to day,
Creating a false sense of reality throughout a day of deceitful emotion,

100 Sleepless Nights.

Catherine Caza is a Supportive Housing worker in the Toronto area, working with Mental Health and Addiction survivors. Having struggled with Mental Health herself, she uses her writing as a conduit to express her thoughts and experiences. Catherine enjoys watching movies, hanging out with friends, and cuddling her cat, Lily.