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Katherine Elizabeth Walsh

I was born into a family of extraordinary women. Many of them ahead of their time; they went to college, started companies, donated to Planned Parenthood, long before any of those things were acceptable for their gender. My grandmother loved telling a story about how my great-grandmother stormed into the house one day demanding a [...]

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Jesse Beringer – My Experiences with Anxiety

My Experiences with Anxiety By: Jesse Beringer Looking at other people’s submissions on this site, I couldn’t help but feel that my story wasn’t worthy enough in comparison to theirs. I read two different submissions about diagnosed bipolar disorder, as well as depersonalization disorder, and thought, “Man I had it easy compared to them. My story [...]

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Hilary Moore – Multitude of Sins

Multitude of Sins What kind of monster screams at her children like that? Red-faced, chest heaving, spitting as I snarl. Hell would be seeing myself through their eyes. I’m teaching them to be like me, even though I desperately want them to be different. How are they supposed to be different when I am their [...]

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Anxiety Bees – Madhawi Karaya & Jessie Stevens

Anxiety Bees In my head there lives a little bee with anxiety. Sometimes he nicely walks around wiping down counters but most of the time he is buzzing and fussing and fighting and making a big old mess. I’m not sure when he moved in. I didn’t exactly invite him or any of his friends [...]

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Matt Greenman

Life After Depersonalization Disorder It seems that as I’ve gotten older, I actually know less. What I do know however, is that generally I’ve been lucky to be pretty happy, from childhood to now, despite some definitive bumps in the road. Lately, I have been coming to terms with the fact that my upbringing wasn’t [...]

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Olivya Faith, PhD – The Anguish of Mental Illness

THE ANGUISH OF MENTAL ILLNESS by Olivya Faith, PhD It is important to finish what a person starts. This factoid of advice is the guiding principle of my deeds in this life. It is a sentence I spoke once to my son, when he finished his bachelor’s degree. It took quitting his university to marry [...]

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Tiffanie Chai

September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day. It’s a name that has been assigned to one day every year for as long as I can remember, yet things felt different this year. The words “suicide prevention” seemed to weigh more heavily on people’s minds. But why? Maybe it’s because barely 3 days had passed since [...]

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