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How to be in a relationship with someone who has mental illness

Relationships are hard regardless of the two people involved. When one partner has mental illness there are specific challenges. As people living with mental illness, we want the same things that every human being wants: to be loved, valued, and respected. We deal with different challenges then neurotypical people, but we still have the same [...]

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What was wrong with my head

I started getting headaches at work. At first I thought that they were just due to the stress of my job. But when they didn’t go away I knew something was wrong with me. I thought maybe it was something to do with my brain. I wondered if there was something really wrong. That’s when [...]

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Is Mindfulness Some Hippy Dippy Shit? By Aaron Smith

My first thought was, “This is some hippy-dippy shit, right?” Mindfulness sounded like something for crunchy granola type people, something for people trying to get in touch with the harmony of the universe or align their chakras with crystals and bath salts. It sounded corny. It sounded like a reincarnation of the fake it till [...]

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Before we spend our lives together

Before you marry me you should know that I'm crazy. I'm not saying that because I want to scare you, I'm saying that because it's true. Also, don't be upset that I'm calling myself crazy. I have a right to do that. It's my brain, my body, and my life. You would be more upset [...]

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You and I forever

I wanted you to save me. That's why I stayed with you. But I was wrong. You can save me or fix me. I have mood swings. Sometimes I run around the house cleaning everything, singing at the top of my lungs, and I'm euphoric, haven't slept for days. I want to please you, be [...]

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Jessica Painter

Trigger Warning- Abuse Please Trust my Said Delusions Created by: Jessica Painter The television or the desert Where grenades were the stars You wished on night after night Overcome by fear of Iraqi shadows That danced on your sanity And made you afraid to turn off the lights - Daddy, this is not the usual [...]

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