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Is Addiction Selfish?

If you aren't an addict, addiction can appear selfish. The person who is addicted to a substance or thing seems all-consumed with that thing. They can't consider anything else but that thing. People become addicted to things for various reasons. They need to medicate their pain or they want a way to feel good. Addiction (on [...]

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I loved her, but I hid from her

Trigger warning: suicide. She doesn’t understand why I want to be by myself. She thinks I don’t love her but it’s not that. I love her so much. I wish she knew how much I loved her but it’s just not enough for her somehow. She says that I hate people. I don’t know; I just [...]

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Foster Care & The Shame Spiral – LISA MARIE BASILE

Foster Care & The Shame Spiral  Lisa Marie Basile  For as long as I remember, loss was the ghost that haunted my world. I knew it too early: as a child, my parents both used drugs and fought and struggled to pay rent. We’d move from house to house, and then to homeless shelters—with my [...]

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Morgan Blair – A Story About My Eating Disorder

A Story About My Eating Disorder I am going to tell you a story, a story that isn’t to make you sad or pity me, a story that has no purpose really other than to offer insight into this confusing, contemplative mind of mine. It’s a story that takes place over many years, my whole [...]

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Grieving When Someone Dies By Suicide

Trigger warning- suicide It’s hard to understand when someone takes their own life. Suicide is a tragedy and it leaves the family wondering what happened; especially if there is no note left behind. What we do know is that the person who passed away was in pain. After their death, it's normal to grieve for [...]

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