How Much More

How much hatred is
in my heart that I’m ripping my body
to shreds?

How much pain do I think
I deserve that I revel in the stinging
nettles blooming on my arms?

How much time goes
and time goes as I stare into the air,
eyes glazed with fog,
hands carved of red and marble snares?

How much more?
The sky demands
How much longer?
The sea demands

Trailblazing fingers inch across new lands.
Sour dough smiles. Honey and milk.

I haven’t decided, I answer them.

I’ll keep counting, keeping.
Until I’ve chosen how much
I can stand.

1456205520163-2Talia Blumofe is in college, currently. She is studying to be a clinical psychologist. She wants to help people and write books that will help people.