8 Ways To Help A Loved One With Depression

1- Allow Your Presence To Be Present

Show up and just be there – Not to make the situation better. But, to show your loved one that he or she is not alone. Your presence and you being present with them is powerful.

Sitting in the same room or next to them and paying attention to their needs is vital.

If they prefer to be alone ask them if you can just spend a little time with them.

You won’t speak unless they want you to. Silence is golden. Make sure they know you are willing and able to be quiet.

2- Verbalize Love and Support

This is really tricky especially for a depressed person because support
and encouragement is different for everyone. With that said here are some
general ways you can SUPPORT & ENCOURAGE a depressed person.

Let them know you love them and are here for them.

Ask if they would like to talk.

Ask them how can you help.

Give hugs or touches to let your loved one know you are there.

3- Write Love, Encouragement & Support Sentences

Write on a paper one line per paper and give it to your loved daily

A. “Your life will get better”

B. “Your future is better than your past”

C. “I AM so glad you are ALIVE”

D. “Yes, life is hard right now – but, it won’t always be this WAY”

E. “You will see better days”

F. “I Need You To Live”

G. “You Are Not A Burden – You Are My GIFT”

H. “How can I help You?”

Number 4 Take A Break

Caregivers need to step away for a day, an afternoon, a weekend, or a
week to be able to care for themselves – so that they care for their loved ones.

You can not be focused on your loved one 24/7 without giving yourself self care and loving. Take a morning, afternoon, or evening off. Visit a friend or
family member who makes you smile and gives you hope. Go to the spa, go to the movies, museum, park, or take a drive (whatever relaxes you and makes you happy – do it).

Number 5 Find A Support Group

Find a Support Group for yourself.
Number 6 Find Laughter & Hope in each new day no matter how hard or dark
circumstances seems.

Number 7 Use your Smope App – Sit down and Smope with your loved one. This will help, by refocusing the brain onto something positive and hopeful. The Smope App won’t be available until September 16, 2015. SORRY!

Number 8 Seek medical attention for your loved one – if you do not like the doctors and/or counselors servicing your loved one, find a new one.
Please let us know if these tips are helpful!

*   *   *

Ruby Taylor is a traumatic injury survivor, depression warrior, ex-school social worker, app creator, NY Giants Fan, world greatest aunt, and the founder of Smope. Ruby is a graduate of Howard University and Virginia Union University. It is her hope to make the world a better place 1 smile at a time.

Ruby can be found on her blog and Twitter

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