The pigeon man fills his hands, with morsels caked in time

He pilfers through the garbage can, so birds will flock to dine

Talons cling to threadbare skin, impervious to tears

Grownups judge while children grin, as droppings drench his hair

Treasured by this vagrant, is bond of bird and man

I stroll on by and catch his eye, crumbs ready in my hand

Filled with shock, as pigeons flock to safety in the trees

Will morsels mend, the loss off friends? My palm extends with “please”

He claps his hands, birds understand and return to greet their master

Clawed with tickles, as white poo trickles, our faces fill with laughter

share-1I am a Pediatric Occupational therapist from Australia who moved to New York to work as an Aupair for a family with a child with Autism. Motivated by a need to understand Autism from the perspective of a parent, I took a pay cut for an invaluable personal journey.
Understanding human behavior and then providing an art form for personal growth has been my recent love. I write poetry, blogs and societal critiques aimed at raising awareness for injustice. Thinking is the first step to changing.

Renae can be found on her blog, Twitter, and facebook