Why does he hate me?
Why do I care so much that he hates me?
He’s my father-in-law. I always thought he would love me and I would love him back. For the longest time, I felt that way. I don’t know how long he has felt this way though.
He thinks I’m a puppet master to his son and that my emotions and moods are just because I am spoiled and high-strung.
He hasn’t once tried to talk to me about anything. He blames my parents for “making” my brother gay and me bipolar.
I think he’s depressed.
My heart aches for my husband going through all of this, but my heart also greatly aches for him – my father-in-law.
I know what it’s like to feel depressed; to feel so lost in your own self-loathing and negative thoughts.
Sometimes I wish this world was a different place.
But I love my life! Why do I let him bother me so?
Maybe because he’s not judging me for me, but for my mental illness instead. He thinks I’m some type of corrupt monster with over-active hormones.
I just wish he would speak to me.

IMG_4862Jillian is a 26 year old student attending online college for her health information technician degree in Minnesota. She and her husband have been together for 10 years this October (married for 3), and they are currently living with Jill’s parents. Jill enjoys journaling, blogging, advocating for mental health reform, being with family and friends, and playing with her parent’s two yorkies (Chippy + Bella).

Jillian can be found on her blog, Facebook and Twitter 

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