My son was diagnosed ADHD, at 5. He was prescribed a stimulant. By 10 we could tell this wasn’t helping. We floundered from doctor to doctor, and through testing. Finally, we found our current providers. A new diagnosis, new meds, additional therapy, and I have a son! He who went from suicidal to homicidal and now has become a caring compassionate young man.
The stigma with bipolar vs other issues, ADHD specifically, is profound. I noticed it the first time I spoke about the new diagnosis and people shied away, or simply left our lives. It was in those moments my son and I decided to work to help end the stigma. He has allowed me to be verbally open about our experiences and his situation. Our goal is to open doors, so that no one need fear the “what if, (they) find out”.


I’m a mom of 4 kids. My 2nd and 4th kids are what society labels ‘special needs’. T is 17, with high functioning autism. A is 13, and has rapid cycle pediatric bipolar disorder. Butterflies and Fireworks is a Facebook page and coming soon podcast to be a support for other moms, as well as a place to show the world anyone can be anything they choose to.

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