And Depression Is

two hands
strangling until you’re dry
too dry
so dry you wonder
desiccation only happens to corpses

Depression is the fear that you’re immortal in a world of goodnight kisses painfully unlaced with cyanide
staring into the void and letting it seep in until you
are what is left

a walking silence punctuated
by pain never revealed

Only shout silence into the world
and others may hear currents
a sort of love
calling for them to wreck
—against you

Jemez-Cliff-DivingHeydon works as a Survivor Advocate in Moscow, ID, and spends his free time writing – whether it’s for Dungeons and Dragons, his intersectional feminist writing group, a writing course, or just to improve his craft. He lives with his partner, who has a PhD in Chemical Engineering, and his two dogs, who do not.
He was officially diagnosed with depression at 17 and ADHD at 26 but has struggled with both his whole life.

Heydon can be found on his blog and Facebook.

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