I am not a pretty girl

I am a spiritual girl
One that loves god
And one who can feel the earth move
But not one who believes in churches

I am a caring girl
One that loves being held
And can stand on her own
But not one who will be taken for granted

I am a girl content with herself
One that loves going out during the weekends
But stays curled up in bed during the week with a book or movie

I am a passionate girl
One who is cute at her best
And can pull off sexy if she really tries
But I am not a pretty girl

12019810_10153506435235943_7642619328727337628_nErin Mueller is a mom of two who has been living with mental illness since she was young. She has been diagnosed as Bipolar type 1 with psychosis and Borderline Personality Disorder. She is trying to live life to the fullest, one day at a time.