I was diagnosed Manic Depressive in 1987 long before it became politically correct to be called Bipolar. I spent years hiding my illness, refusing treatment and medication and my life went spiraling out of control. My rock bottom was a 4 year stay in federal prison for securities fraud, or more commonly known as stock market manipulation. The amount I stole is irrelevant, athough a hefty sum. The issue is the action. I was sitting in prison for almost two years, now medicated and treated when I entered a drug rehabilitation program that changed my life. I was assigned a counselor that cared and really wanted to help me understand and change. This counselor convinced me this was nothing to be ashamed of, so I vowed to write a book about my life when I was released. I did. I published Forever Different in August of 2013 and I told my story. It may have connected the dots to many. I think for most it was an ah-ha moment. They never could quite put their finger on what was with me, why I was so odd sometimes. In writing that memoir it lead me to heal and become an advocate for those suffering or caring for someone who suffers. Together with the International Bipolar Foundation, I am able to advocate and make a difference and help stamp out stigma and bias. I’m here to ask all of you today to help, do your part. FIGHT!

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headshot2008-before-prisonChristine F. Anderson was born in Brooklyn, New York. Tragically she was orphaned by her 9th birthday and was raised by her older brother. She was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder in 1987. Christine attended Pace University for her undergraduate studies and received her MBA in Marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business in 1991. She has traveled extensively and lived in New York City, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. She served a 70-month federal prison sentence for securities fraud between MCC Chicago and FCI Danbury, Connecticut. She has dedicated her life to animal rescue via www.thecrittercrusade.com. She now lives with her boyfriend and her many animals on a farm in a small country town in central Virginia.

In 2013, after she self published her memoir, Forever Different, Christine founded Christine F. Anderson Publishing & Media, where she is currently CEO www.publishwithcfa.com and serves on the marketing committee for the International Bipolar Foundation www.ibpf.org.

Christine can be found on her blog, Facebook & Twitter.

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