I suppose I have had anxiety my whole life. I was born into a strong Catholic family were everything was a sin. My older brother had epilepsy and so our family was always on edge, I guess I felt it was normal.
It peaked at 13 when one night I was quietly watching tv like most 13 kids did on a Saturday night when the though ‘ my heart might stop’ just popped in to my head, no warning whatsoever.
That day I had my first panic attack, I couldn’t breath, I was sweating, I couldn’t see I really thought that night I’m gonna die.
My parents had never seen a panic attack and instantly thought I was gravely ill. My parents rang a ambulance shouting I think she’s having a heart attack. This of course fueled my panic attack. The Ambulance came and recognised what was happening, after 10 minutes of breathing with a paper bag and a big glass of water I was ok. Wow, I’m alive. I couldn’t quite believe it.
Over the years my anxiety has come and gone, but after the birth of my first child it reared it’s ugly head once again. I panicked over everything. I just couldn’t be calm, I thought I was going mad. It’s taken me just about 12 years for me to understand my anxiety disorder and work it out.

Here are my tips.

First take care of yourself, stop smoking if you do, cut the alcohol and eat clean.
Get in touch with yourself, lock yourself in a room where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 mins, turn off your phone and listen to you. I know I sound like a hippy but it works it’s also great if you suffer from pure ocd.

Yoga and meditation work wonders, I was skeptical at first and felt a bit silly, but hey when I got into it, it was amazing. I truly discovered a part of me I didn’t know existed.
Acceptance, yes you have anxiety but it’s not you. You can’t beat this.

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