People often say a picture is worth a thousand words, in my opinion, living with mental illness is much the same. Our wellness may be non-linear but one thing that being a part of CHANNAL has brought to my life is consistent support. Peer support is the foundation on which I build when times are challenging. I prefer saying I am part of CHANNAL rather than working for CHANNAL because I always remind myself that a life of recovery and support isn’t just from 10 to 5, it’s for life. As a consumer I’ve often heard the phrase, “take time and look at the bigger picture”. My question to others during wellness presentations is this, how can we look at the bigger picture unless we recognize the person creating the picture. Who is that person? That person is you, and for me, myself. CHANNAL, peer support, groups, and peers have all taught me that self-care and support are extremely important in moving forward in a life of recovery. I was there and now I’m here – I continue to paint my bigger picture, but now I’m equipped with the tools to create a masterpiece and recognize that some days may be abstract while others expressionistic yet all a part of the art of life.


CHANNAL is a non profit peer support founded mental health organization for which I work as a peer support for others living with mental health issues/mental illness.

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