I read these stories about suffering and pain and my heart goes out to the authors for the struggles they have had. But I also am impressed by the courage each and every one has shown to make their story public. I want to say thank you to them for reaching out and touching others with their strength and courage.
We all are wounded souls in one way or another. But I truly believe that we all have more strength than we realize and loving support from sources we may never have considered. Can we in our darkest hours allow this strength to surface; can we ask for help when we feel we can’t go forward any longer?

My story is a bit different, though I suspect that many would wonder about my own mental stability. I know in the beginning I questioned that myself. For, you see, I receive messages when I meditate and have for the past 25 years. How do you wrap your head around this when you know of no one else who has experienced this? I have since discovered many others who have had this experience, and have complete trust and faith in what I am told in these messages.

So why am I writing this piece for you? Because I want to give you hope. I want to tell you that no matter how dark it gets for you, there is always help waiting in the wings; waiting at your door, ready to come in as soon as you ask. But you must ask for help as we have all been given free will.

The messages I receive have always been loving, gentle and encouraging. No judgment (I do enough of that myself, thank you very much!) And at times when I am feeling overwhelmed I ask to be wrapped in a loving embrace. And I can feel it. For the truth is that we are never alone, even though it may feel that way. But that is impossible. For we are all connected and we are all loved. We all have a shining light within us. That is who we truly are. It may flicker in times of doubt, but it never goes out. Never.

It would be arrogant of me to say that I understand what many of these authors have been through, for my experiences have been different. I just ask you to consider this. You are a part of something larger than yourself; something stronger and more powerful than you may have ever known. And because you are a part of this, you have access to this same strength and power and love. You are loved dearly, every moment of your day and you are held in gratitude for having the courage to be present in this life that is your personal journey.
Can you consider, just consider, that you are part of something larger, greater than you can imagine?

Can you consider, just consider, that your life has purpose and that you are held in gratitude for taking this journey?

Can you consider, just consider, that you are surrounded by love every moment of your day and all you have to do is ask for help?

Have no preconceived notions of how this help will come your way. It may be the name of a professional contact with the skills and experience that would be perfect for you. It may be a stray dog that needs someone to love. It may be a song on the radio that touches your heart at the time you needed it most.
I can’t say exactly how your journey will unfold. But I can say with complete certainty that you are never alone and that you are loved unconditionally.
Can you open yourself up to this possibility? What do you have to lose?

*   *   *

celine-pxCeline Koropchak, a former Duke University medical researcher, is currently a blueberry farmer and author of the book, “One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection,” a collection of writings from her weekly blog, “The Tovarysh Connection.” Started ten years ago with just 600 tiny plants, her farm now yields over a half ton of blueberries each season and supplies local university and corporate cafeterias in the Raleigh-Durham area.

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