Recovery is Non-Linear

Recovery is non-linear. Anyone who says that getting better is a straight line – I want their secret. I want to be stable, but what does that mean? It means sometimes being unstable, wobbly, broken in particular ways. We shatter and come together. We hurt and we heal. We scream, cry or break things inside of ourselves until we are whole again. That is what recovery is for me; it’s brutal, honest, humbling and true. There is no right way to get better. And if you are striving, and actively living you are doing it fucking right. 


Sarah Fader is the CEO of Stigma Fighters. She lives with Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ADHD and panic attacks. She is the co-author of a The 10-Step Depression Relief Workbook with Dr. Simon Rego. Sarah is a single mom to two humans and a cat mom to three felines. She has been featured on The Washington Post and in The New York Times. Read more of Sarah’s writing on Psychology Today, The Atlantic, Quartz, and The Huffington Post.