My name is Mike Acceptance Chin I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada for many years I felt sad and lonely. I didn’t know what it was I thought is could have been many things. I was born with a learning disability I learn slower then others. I work hard but it has been difficult for me at times I felt like I didn’t have the support I needed. I was sad when people were happy my moods would change I felt so alone and scared . When I was homeless my depression got worse I didn’t know how to feel I felt lost and worried. My mental health was not healthy at all I wasn’t eating healthy nor was I taking care of myself . My gramma suffers from depression. All I wanted to do was to stay inside all day never talk to anyone all I wanted was to be by myself.
It was many years were I thought no one cared but then my mom said to me why don’t you go volunteer go make some friends and enjoy some free things. So the next day I went to a resource centre in my community its were they served coffee and sandwiches and its were everyone went. It was still hard for me because me because I was living alone and my family and I weren’t close at the time. I became more happier through volunteering I finally expected who I was and people would love me for me. I feel anyone come overcome depression with help from there friends and a strong support system like having trustful friends. In life we have a choice to live and get help or suffer and not be happy. I believe in Jesus and how he has changed my life without him I would be no where . Depression comes in many forms some of us hide it well some are open and honest about it. People think that having a mental illness is wrong and a lot of people run from it they don’t understand it. It’s a like monster but being a friendly monster people are scared if it but for no reason . We need to learn to understand from each other how are we supposed to grow if we only judge . Living with a mental illness is very hard it’s a constant struggle to be as good as someone else. Then I ask myself what is normal anyone ? Is normal being judged by someone ? is normal being rich and having a car a family and a house ? Or is normal being who you are and for people loving you for who you are ? We all like to think we are better someone else is it because we have low self esteem ourselves . We have this organization called Canadian Mental Health Association they deal with mental health but they teach it wrong it’s a government run place. I’ve become an advocate because I needed to stand up for the people get treated in this world we judge and we look at people before we even know them . We see the face and shoes and voice but what you don’t see is the heart of a person. I feel so hurt by people’s lack of understanding in this world. They say love is the most powerful thing in the world but if you don’t show it then what does it really matter what you do or say. Love is kindness and caring and showing selflessness for everyone. You may not agree with someone you may not want to see accept them but God loves you and accepts you for you and loves you for who you are. My mental health is very important to me I need to have my own time which is not selfish it’s called taking care of mental health in other words self care . We need to take care of ourselves ether through video games or bike riding or just doing things we love to do . I want to end by saying we need to take care of others mental health and the answers can be complex but so is our bodies. We are not made the same maybe the same parts but we have our own thoughts and ideas . Sometimes I would pray so much and think does God really care about me because its so hard its feels so hard and frustrating that all I wanted to do was to give up and move on. People say why don’t you just get over it its not that easy or simple if you have struggled your whole life that makes you so weak and you don’t want to get up in the morning because you don’t to face the day or people. I liked to hide and not share my feelings with people but that brought me more hurt then healing . I was tired of hurting myself and others who cared for me such as family and friends. The love of Jesus saved my life and showed me the truth about me and who I really was I’m loved by him and I needed to be was to be is a great friend and supporter to everyone I know . In times of trouble when we can’t be there for each other how do we help well my suggestion is that we show so much support for that one person who needs it . If there messaging you there reaching out for help and need someone to talk to let’s stop and be there for each other . We all struggle with something we are all not perfect but that doesn’t mean we don’t show our love for each other through supportive words and actions. My name is Mike and I have over come depression with love people and God and great people in my life . Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and support you through all the times in your life and in your future the end.

pic-of-me I grew up in Winnipeg , Manitoba Canada and I have overcome depression and now I’m a public speaker on mental health and poverty

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