I Have 30 Tabs Open In My Browser and My Brain

I’m hypomanic/manic. There are 30 tabs open in my browser. It’s difficult to close any of them, even after bookmarking, because how will I remember what I was looking for? Noting the websites seems like a good way to track the manic stream before my flight of ideas takes wing and flies away.

1. eBay returns: “It’s time to ship the item back.”
It’s time to ship many of the items back.
2. Trip Advisor: Welcome Back! Prices may have changed in Chefchaouen while you were gone. Refresh Prices: Casa Blue City.
Chefchaouen Tangier Tetouan Region Hotels
3. American Airlines: Your session expired. Flights selected: SFO-MEX Depart San Francisco Sept. 3: Flight 1980. Return Sept. 15. Review and pay.
4. Your Ticket(s) to Suicide: The Ripple Effect
5. Google Image Search: Antarctica
6. Trip Advisor: Hotel Dar Mounir, $58/night
Chefchaouen Tangier Tetouan Region Hotels
7. Rules: A Primer on Quidditch
8. Paid to Exist: Live and Work On Your Own Terms. Why Trying to be Productive is a Huge Waste of Time.
9. Glass Half Full: Circle of Support: Manage group, Add new member
10. City of Alameda, Lincoln Park, Bocce Ball and Shuffleboard
11. Wagner’s Ring Cycle 3: Select Seats
Seats for all 3 operas combined are priced no lower than $2,320. There is the Orc Ring Wheelchair, $1,840, but I’m not sure I could pull that off.
My friend Walter once took me to one of the Ring operas in New York, at the Met. He dropped acid to heighten his experience, and squeezed my hand so hard it went numb.
I don’t really care for opera, but I miss Walter.
12. Amazon Returns: Apple iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Silicone Case – Pink Sand
Track your return & refund
Buy again.
13. Map of route between Kaiser Psychiatry and Carola Zertuche Centro de Arte Flamenco, where a new belly dance class I want to take is beginning tomorrow. It starts 15 minutes after my Bipolar Support Group ends. Can I make it in time to take this class? 21 minutes under “normal” traffic conditions.
14. SFIAF SFIAF Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco, June 03, 2018 @ 6:00 PM Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, tickets
16. Ohm Connect
17. Canva: Create a design: business card, letterhead, poster, flyer, card, postcard, and more.
In progress: new header for my blog
18. Huffington Post: Transgender Teen Wins Battle For Chosen Name at Graduation in Texas
19. How to Use Medium: The Beginner’s Guide for Marketers
20. Twitter: Mentions
21. Hi Laurel! Let’s start designing some amazing marketing visuals.
22. Hubspot: How to Start a Successful Blog
23. Bemusement Park: Musings, Pole to Pole Exploration
My blog.
24. Amazon: Important messages about items in your Cart:
5 items in your Saved Items have changed price:
• Mead Fat Lil’ Neatbook – 200 Sheet – College Ruled – 4″ x 5.5″ – 1 Each – White has decreased from$6.47 to $5.53
• Bipolar Breakthrough: The Essential Guide to Going Beyond Moodswings to Harness Your Highs, Escape the Cycles of Recurrent Depression, and Thrive with Bipolar II has decreased from $11.19to $10.23
• 2 Pack e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Makeup Remover Pen 85035 Clear has decreased from $10.92 to$10.66
• Oureamod Wide Headbands for Men and Women Athletic Moisture Wicking Headwear for Sports,Workout,Yoga Multi Function (Boho series) has increased from $7.90 to $8.99
• Figures of Speech: 60 Ways To Turn A Phrase has decreased from $24.92 to $24.86
25. Spotify: My Bipolar Summer Playlist: A Story of Mania and Recovery
26. Medium: I Dress Terribly on Purpose: The miniature rebellion of aggressively unflattering shapes
27. Trip Advisor: Best 10 Hotels in Chefchaouen 2018
Starting from $14 per night
28. Amazon Prime: Jamestown, Season 1.
29. Gmail
30. Google Calendar

Three words of advice on writing from one of my favorite authors: Close All Tabs

Laurel Roth Patton fights stigma by telling her story to community groups, college and medical students, mental health practitioners, and police doing CIT. She is with SOLVE, the speakers’ board of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco. Her work is published in print and online, in anthologies as well as academic journals, and she has been interviewed on multiple podcasts and an upcoming documentary, River of Fire.
Laurel’s memoir, My Bipolar Summer Playlist: A Story of Mania and Recovery, is soon to published. It’s the tragicomic tale of a descent into madness, marked by symptoms that seem like the best part of “normal.” Is it possible to feel too good? To think too much? Can the manic creation of a playlist about bipolar disorder help her understand her own mind? Can she come down without coming down too far? Of utmost importance, can Joey Ramone save her?