Bubble and gurgle
Boil and spout
These ugly feelings
Want to come out

Warm acidic pressure
Tight eyes and sealed lips
it’s a wonder they can’t tell
I’m near falling to bits

A quick action
A thoughtless mistake
Killed all good vibes
Quiet animosity overtakes

Shut my mouth
Glue close my eyes
But not my brain
I can’t control my mind

Hurt poison spreads
A cold pit becomes my stomach
Sunken despair calls
My emotions run amok

Reach out, hold on
You’re not wounded dead
Numb the panic
Just embarrassment in my head


Joy Pearson is a writer and advocate for Stigma Fighters and those who suffer from Mental Illness. She writes from her heart, her words unshakingly honest about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Follow her on Twitter.