Anxiety: by Hunter Proulx

Something feels wrong
I feel like I am about to drown
Drown in my own worries and sorrows that I cannot express
My hands shake and my head is spinning
My patience is now thinning
I cannot go on any longer this way
I sit and I pray
I pray for someone to come and save me
Save me from a darkness I cannot explain
I am drained

All I can hear is a voice in my head
The voice in my head is not nice
Its telling me I am not okay
I am a stray
I am a stray in my own life
Nobody can help me
The stigma is too strong
They will all tell me I’m wrong

One by one the days corrupt
Fatigued, and I am stuck
Neglect my cry for help
They say I am lazy
And that I am crazy
But really I just need someone to understand
And not categorize me by who I am

Hunter Proulx
from New Hampshire
Senior in High School
Taking an AP Lang class talking about mental health and the stigma around it.