On Mental Health

Medical P.H.D. Doctors
Even non-medical, non-Psychology, or non-Psychiatritry degrees
Certain family members
and their friends
Certain so-called friends
Certain neighbors
and everyone else in between
all have his, or her idea of what each psychosis and Mental Health diseases are, their diagnosis, and their cures, if there are any cures, listed, or at least they claim to know about them!
Each one diagnosing everyone they meet with whatever one, or more mental illnesses he, or she believes each person has due to their own evaluation, and by judging the characteristics of each person!
Each one claiming that all mental illnesses are the same and if you have been diagnosed with one, or more you’re evil, ugly, stupid, and wrong because of it, even though most of the time is hereditary, and genetic, and has usually been in your family for a whole lot of generations, way before your time!
Each one are so quick to judge you and everyone else by labeling you as weird, eccentric, taboo, crazy, insane, mindless, and even brainless, he, or she meets because it’s a coping mechanism to help them not have to deal with their own issues whatever they may be and so that he, or she doesn’t have to try and comprehend why there are people who differ from himself, or herself!
Each one never realizing that your Mental Health diseases play a huge part in everything you do whether you like it, and most of the time it’s involuntarily and unconsciously uncomfortable!
Each one never realizing that they are hurting everyone else by categorizing him, or her in whatever group they want to throw them in, simply because they differ them!
Each one never realizing that everyone with Mental Health diseases are still functioning living human beings and aren’t stupid, dumb, evil, crazy, eccentric, or wrong for having these diseases, because in most cases it’s not even a choice!
Each one never realizing that they shouldn’t be categorized into groups and forgotten about but instead treated respectfully lovingly and caringly as well!
Each one never realizing what exactly everyone with one or more of these diseases have to go through on a daily basis and how they have to learn to cope with it and hopefully never let it get out of control!
Each one never realizing that they are hatefully judging these people by categorizing and labeling him, or her as whatever they see fits each person!
Each one never realizing the negative effects that their diagnoses of everyone they meet actually have on each person!
Each one never realizing that Mental Health diseases are more common than they think!
Stop bullying everyone who has ever been diagnosed with one or more Mental Health diseases, whether they actually have them, or not just imagine how they must feel living with it everyday and they didn’t choose their diagnosed diseases how they must cope with them or live a miserable life of suffering!
Just because a person has been diagnosed with a Mental Health disease doesn’t make them a bad person at all, and of course we all have are flaws whatever they may be!
If anything at all try to help uplift them with laughter and/or do something nice for them show each person that someone still cares, loves, and wants to help him, or her have a great life, despite their diagnoses!

Eric Nelson Manley Shelman, began writing poetry and short stories back in 1999, which was eighth grade for him, and was inspired by “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, and writes all sorts of poems and short stories and has several published poems in magazines and his first three books were published at one time. He loves to write for himself mainly but loves it whenever others comprehend his writings.