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Silus Bedlam – One Strange Night

When you’ve solved a hard problem Before words can be formed There’s a small spark of light And your brain’s slightly warmed Unannounced one strange night The light it turned on Slowly growing and glowing A magnificent dawn Next a flood of ideas Poured in all around me Till I bathed in pure truth And [...]

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David Seaman

Sixteen years ago I was a forty-year-old employed white male who had just informed his doctor that he self-harmed by cutting his arm. My psychiatrist at the time spun in his chair to face me, shock showing on his face. “Teenage girls normally do that,” he informed me. My embarrassment was immediate but I’d promised [...]

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Anne Mikusinski – Here, Living with the Black Dog

There’s an advertisement that airs frequently on daytime tv lately for some medication that helps with a physical condition, where the man talks about how he’s accepted the fact that he’s not as young as he used to be, he’s not able to do the things he used to, and the changes he’s learned to [...]

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Talia Blumofe – Snow Princess

I charm and beguile Smile that damn smile Who can resist the wiles of the snow princess? I’m weightless in wool Aglow in the snow Lend me your hand, let me keep your warm fingers cold. I’m dressed heavy, so heavy Drowning in a fortress around me What is my body to them all but [...]

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Courtney Melvin – Intruder

What is depression? It is a masked intruder. It disguises itself in mundane moments, seeps darkly under doorways. There is no time to prepare. It arrives and announces, “You are not necessary in your own life.” And you believe it. You watch your husband play with the children in the other room after you screamed [...]

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Allie Linn – The Hospital

The first week of my grad school program in dance/movement therapy and counseling I found myself at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, holding a set of keys that would get me onto all of the locked units. I was considered a student extern, meaning that I did not work for the hospital, but was there as [...]

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Carroll Ann Susco – Christopher Servant is Dead

I remember when I was five, I talked to a boy in my head. He would ask about my day. I would ask about his, but he would never tell me. He did tell me his name was Chris. I told him my sister’s name was Chris. That’s how I remember his name. I had [...]

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Stephanie Paige

*trigger warning - self-harm* I thought only teenagers did it. But here I was sitting on the floor of my room at 38-years-old with a scissor in my hands. A grown adult. The first time I drew blood was this past January. I was ashamed right after I performed the act. How could I do [...]

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