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Being Alone And Secretly Liking It

I was told that I was asocial, that it was a part of my personality disorder. I don't know what they meant by that. I sat in the doctor's office looking at these degrees that were framed in black frames on the wall. He seemed to love himself a lot. I don't know what was [...]

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I Finally Saw My Body And Got Help

Counting calories was the only way that I knew how to control anything in my life. My mother used to call me fat. But I wasn’t. I didn’t understand why she would do this to me. It tortured me. I remember my favorite snack after school: Hostess Cupcakes. I can still taste them in my [...]

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I Want to Sabotage My Happiness

I want to sabotage the potential that I could be happy. I can see happiness as something that is an option for the future. If I look into the distance I see it as an exit off of the road. It's something that I could drive to, but it's not easily accessed. I want it [...]

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Mary Hannah Hardison

 Please Hear My Voice Society says you are responsible for your own happiness Easier said for some Society says Happiness is a choice I don't know where my depression comes from Please hear my voice! My depression is real Depression is not my choice I want to heal Please hear my voice! My tears [...]

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Jael’s voice – Things Eeyore Taught Us

What the hell was wrong with him?!  He was such a pessimist!  Many times his large blue presence plodded through my life,  basically telling me to get over it.  “Life’s not fair” don’t ya know?  I nicknamed him Eeyore. He worried a lot.   “Don’t trust no son of a bitch”.  “You can always come [...]

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Bethany Pearson

Anxiety and coping with the fear of ‘missing your turn’ As a general rule, nobody likes to feel anxious, nervous or negative about anything they’re doing. But with adults born after 1995 more likely to suffer from anxiety, coupled with the huge pressure to know what we’re doing or where we’re heading, you will struggle [...]

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Cari Jehlik

Anxiety I don’t think I knew I had it I never gave it a second thought I don’t think I realized That anxiety is every “what if I can not?” What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t finish? What if I let out everything of me and nobody likes what I’ve done [...]

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Sarah Smith – Cut -Trigger Warning – Self Harm

Trigger Warning: Cutting, self-harm. “I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel. I focus on the pain, the only thing that’s real.” I cut today. Part of it felt freeing, a release of pressure like punching a hole in a potato before you microwave it. I hadn’t cut in a really long time. [...]

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Sarah Urscheler- But it Didn’t Seem Like Postpartum Depression

                                      But it Didn't Seem Like Postpartum Depression “It’s not uncommon to suffer from postpartum depression,” my infant’s pediatrician said to me during a routine checkup. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Her tone was soft but [...]

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