Elise T. Caulfield is a full-time parent who enjoys reading, writing, and living in the cultural city of Cleveland, Ohio.

Elise is an adoptive mother of a teenage daughter. Elise is Caucasian, and her daughter is African American. Elise has a B.S. in Communication and Culture as well as a M.Ed. in Adult education.

Elise has always been a writer, and she delved into creating poetry a few years after her boyfriend passed away from depression by suicide. Elise suffers from multiple sclerosis and finds leading a minimalist lifestyle to be very successful in managing her chronic illness. Elise has struggled with depression, as well as the effects of narcissistic abuse, loving an addict and then losing him to suicide.

Elise provides solace in her words, and she allows others to be comfortable who they are. She is devoted to being the person that anyone can go to when they are in need of emotional support or simply need a friend who will listen without judgment. Elise continues to offer her compassion to others who are suffering from mental illness and the effects it has on lives.