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Stigma Fighter : Pepper Joy Greggs

I Found Mental Illness The technician called my name. I checked my phone to see the time. I was 45 minutes in on my 2nd dose of Xanax. I hoped it would help me. On my way down the hall the technician was chatty.  I remember swallowing a lot but being silent. "Lay down on [...]

Stigma Fighters : Michael Sherry

SMILE “Why don’t you smile more?” I have heard this comment more times than I care to remember. It seems like an easy thing to do, right? Two corners of your lips up, a couple of teeth showing and …. It’s a constant in my life – both the “Would you please smile?” and the [...]

Stigma Fighters : Alena Harrington

My mother. My beautiful, sweet mother took her last breath on July 31, 2013. My mother, who had loved me more than anything in this world, absolutely unconditionally. She managed to love me when I wasn't always loveable-thru my surly and difficult teenage years. Thru my highs and lows. She was there for me throughout [...]

Stigma Fighters : Samantha J Wright

Perfect We were the family with the white picket fence around our house and the smell of baking permanently wafting from the kitchen. In our drive way were three newish cars always polished even though there only two of us to drive them. Our house had more bedrooms than we needed, our wardrobes more clothes [...]