Sparklle Rainne

I had just transferred colleges and moved two states away. It felt like it'd be a comfortable environment, just four hours away from the town that I grew up in, but it wasn't going to stay that way for long. The school was a dream come true, as far as administration and student accommodations went. [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Peter Michael Marino

"Socially Anxious Artist Seeking Anxiety-Causing Opportunities" In the middle of a recent holiday party, a friend discovered me in the kitchen washing dishes. “Why are you doing that now?” she asked. “I need a break from the people,” I sheepishly replied. “But, it’s your party. There are only six people here. Come on! You’re in [...]

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Right now I feel like I’m standing on fairly level ground looking back over the past several months of spiraling anxiety and depression like a rocky, brambly, dark, deep canyon I just traversed. Things are slowing down now and seem a bit brighter. All the sleepless nights and nightmares, the headaches and stomachaches, the loss [...]

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Abby Rotstein

I can make planes fall from the sky! I can cause the earth to shake, cars to crash, and buildings to tumble violently to the ground. That’s what my OCD had me believe anyway, though I was never fully convinced. No one has superpowers. Still, I became extremely nervous when thoughts of destruction entered my [...]

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Jennifer Reiss

I've always felt like an ugly duckling. All the world can see is a drab little bird, bobbing to and fro, awkward and confused. And under the surface, I'm paddling wildly, trying to appear calm and in control. Hoping desperately that the calm swan I wish I could be would emerge already. When you're a [...]

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Anagha Ananth

What you don’t see I’m afraid. I’m afraid of people. Terrified by the way they besiege me, Extending forward their lively limbs Fingers moulding contours, I cannot understand Because my mind is entirely focused On the walls of this room- The way they’re shutting upon me like a catacomb This coffin is too small, too [...]

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Allison Barnes

Dear Anxiety, Today my boyfriend's father, Sonny, would be turning 66 years old. Today his family is going to one of Sonny's favorite restaurants to celebrate his life. Today I am staying home in the comfort of my bed, watching YouTube breathing exercise videos. Today I had to tell my boyfriend I can't make it [...]

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