Stigma Fighters: A Conversation on Self Harm – With Courtney & Marisa

Recently, the hashtag #cut4zayn went rampant on Twitter. There were graphic images of teens actively involved in self harm. The imagery was alarming and triggering to many of us mental health activists. Marisa, the content manager for Stigma Fighters Canada and writer at Mad Girl's Lament  reached out to me with an idea. As someone who struggled with self harm for [...]

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Stigma Fighters: From The Stigma Fighters Executive Boardroom

Yesterday was a particularly intense day for Stigma Fighters and mental activists throughout the world. #Cut4Zayn trended on Twitter after Zayn Malik left the band One Direction. Teens posts graphic images of self harm in response to Malik's absence from the band. The images were explicit and painful. Stigma Fighters responded to the global event [...]

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Stigma Fighters: Tony Spagnoli – Part 2

February 14, 2013 I finally got home after a 15 hour day managing several restaurants. It was around 10pm. I fed my cats, ate something and got showered. I watched the news for a few and then got into bed and turned out the light. I guess it was 10 minutes and I had this [...]